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Rack & Pinion Pneumatic Actuator



Rack and Pinion actuators often offer the most economical solution for quarter-turn valves that have a fairly constant torque requirement throughout the stroke. 

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Ø  Rack and pinion design;

Ø  Compact design, same cylinder and caps for double acting & single acting actuator;

Ø  Namur interface for easy solenoid valve mounting;

Ø  ISO 5211 mounting interface;

Ø  Dual travel stops adjustment.


1.    Body use extrusion aluminum, hard anodized up to 50 um to protect against wear and corrosion while reducing piston friction.

2.    Dual travel stops adjustment can make +/-5︒adjustment in two directions, keeps the consistency with the valves in the fully open and close position.

3.    Epoxy coated die-casting aluminum end caps provide maximum resistance against corrosive elements.

4.    Spring sets

*  Different break and seat torque combinations to fit different air input and output torque;

*  Phosphate coated to protect against corrosion;

*  Easy assembly and low risk.

5.    Pinion

*  The hardened steel to ensure the precise and reliability of movement;

*  Nickel plated to protect against corrosion;

*  Stainless steel is optional.

6.    Piston

*  The precisely die casting aluminum pistons are fitted with high quality O-rings and guides resulting in high ratios output torque vs input air pressure.

7.    Piston guide

*  Large contact area and self-lubricate, high strength material provide high thrust stability with minim friction

8.    Seals

*  NBR70 for standard temperature operation;

*  Viton or HNBR seal are available to high or low temperature use.

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